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November 30, 2010

Crossword Puzzle: 12-1-10

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Aztec Gaming: Street Fighter x Tekken

Capcom keeps fighting games alive with the advent of Street x Tekken.
by Jordan Pollock


Capcom melds two iconic fighting worlds

Capcom is keeping fighting games alive with its newest title, “Street Fighter X Tekken.”
by Jordan Pollock

BioWare’s eagerly awaited third and final installment in the “Mass Effect” series delivers a mostly great experience, only to fall agonizingly short in the final minutes. The ending and controversial DLC have caused uproar. / MCT Campus

‘Mass Effect 3’ finale massively disappoints

An epic adventure falls flat in its final moments.
by Cody Franklin



‘Battlefield’ ravages rivals despite bugs

The long-awaited “Battlefield 3” was released last week and fans know the wait was well worth it. The wildly successful franchise’s latest installment does not disappoint.
by Cody Franklin


Notch builds a sensation one block at a time

Who would have ever thought someone could do Legos better than, well, Legos?
by Cody Franklin



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