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Alleged line cutting dampens big game buzz

With hated rival BYU coming to town in what was arguably the most highly anticipated home game in San Diego State history, there was unparalleled excitement around campus last week. Enthusiastic students started lining up last ...
by Agustin Gonzalez



DA TV: World champion freerunner Ryan Doyle

Reporter Tara Millspaugh catches up with Ryan Doyle, an extreme sports Red Bull athlete.
by Tara Millspaugh


Kepler satellite searches for new Earth

Professors at San Diego State have been working with NASA on the Kepler Mission since 2009, but recent discoveries have them excited. Jerome Orosz, William Welsh and Donald Short, former dean of the College of Sciences, are pa...
by Diana Crofts-Pelayo



What to do when flights are troublesome

The influx of passengers during busy travel times such as spring break often means airlines are inundated with problems. Flight delays and cancellations are common mishaps during these times. It is important for spring break tr...
by Marie McCarty



Censorship was a bad call by Athletic Department

In the days leading up to the furiously anticipated BYU game, it was announced that SDSU fans bearing the infamous “I poked Jimmer’s girlfriend” shirts would be barred from entering the arena.
by Chris Pocock


Aztecs jam Jimmer; Crowd gets ugly

For the second time this season, the San Diego State men’s basketball team was forced to put another mark in the loss column. And for the second time in 29 games, SDSU had to do it after falling to BYU. Take a look at some of...
by Edward Lewis