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Archive for March 9th, 2011


Viewers shouldn’t ‘Pass’ on this raunchy flick

When people are told not to think about sex, what do they think about? Sex, of course. This is the basic premise of the most recent Farrelly brothers’ comedy, “Hall Pass.” The idea revolves around the old “grass is gree...
by Morgan Denno


Hungry Aztecs ready to defend MWC title

Practice started early Monday afternoon and the confetti had already been swept away. The nets were back up on the Viejas Arena hoops and the thousands of fans who had stormed the court two days earlier were nowhere near the v...
by Edward Lewis



Ne-Yo goes to hell and back for ‘Battle’

A singer at heart, Ne-Yo takes time to discuss his role in “Battle: Los Angeles,” premiering tomorrow. This film is unlike previous apocalyptic films, bringing a different style to this wildly successful genre of movies.
by Erika Cueva


Aztecs fall short despite good offense

It has become a familiar script for the San Diego State baseball team in the last three games: Have a lead, but watch it disappear after a rally by the opponent.
by Beau Bearden



How to avoid appearing creepy to girls

Merriam-Webster defines a “creep” as “an unpleasant or obnoxious person.” Seriously, look it up, it’s in there. However, although true, this definition seems to lack the essence of what it’s like to encounter such a...
by Kelly Callas



Palestine awareness wall inspires debate

During my pilgrimage to class last Tuesday morning, I was faced with an unexpected barrier blocking my path. A wall, erected in the middle of campus by Students for Justice in Palestine, was forcing me to confront an issue I wo...
by Leonardo Castaneda