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Apocalypse draws near

With the supposed end of humankind fast approaching this year, as the ancient Mayans predicted thousands of years ago, some may be gearing up for one of three potential outcomes.
by Brittany Fasano


Aztecs are shifting focus

There is no doubt there was an unfamiliar feeling in the air last Saturday when the San Diego State men’s basketball team was thoroughly beaten by Colorado State.
by Antonio Morales



Poland leads SDSU to 3-0 start

This past weekend, the Terrapin Invitational in College Park, Md. kicked off the start of the San Diego State women’s water polo season.
by Laura Barrick



Cultural health study underway

A group of local Hispanics is among several other experimental groups across the nation being studied to determine the racial / ethnic group’s health conditions and risk factors in relation to acculturation.
by Arturo Garcia Sierra



Construction continues on Aztec Student Union

Last Friday marked a signature event in the construction of the new Aztec Student Union. Roughly 60 truckloads of cement rolled onto campus to fill the first of four quadrants in the basement level of the student-funded building.
by Edward Henderson


Aztec outdoorsmen offer spring adventures

For many San Diego State students, hectic schedules make it difficult to explore the world’s beautiful landmarks.
by Sofia Casillas