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January 23, 2012

SDSU welcomes Sustainability Center

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Written by: Amy Williams

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Last Thursday marked San Diego State’s next step toward becoming an environmentally conscious campus. The Center for Regional Sustainability Studies opened the Student Sustainability Center, where students can confer with faculty about steps that can be taken to ensure the school reduces its carbon footprint.

Its goal is to enable students to take action and make “green” changes in their community. Two Green Student Interns will be hired to work in the center. Together, they will research the success of other schools’ energy efficiency programs and see what SDSU can imitate and improve. They will work closely with faculty members to plan projects throughout the campus. Other students are also encouraged to participate in the center’s efforts.

According to Mariah Hudson, Division of Undergraduate Studies assistant director, the center created a new class at SDSU in which the students assess the electronic efficiency of buildings throughout campus. This is just one example of the type of projects that will encourage students to be more active and environmentally minded in their community.

Approximately 12 faculty members and professors attended last week’s official opening, including the University of Western Sydney’s vice chancellor, Geoff Scott. There will be a larger opening for students in mid-February.

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