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Archive for March 12th, 2012

by Antonio Zaragoza

Franklin doesn’t exactly brings class to the court. | Peter Kluch, Senior Staff Photographer

Franklin gives integrity the middle finger

I’m a competitive guy. I can understand the mentality of a highly driven, focused athlete like Jamaal Franklin who obviously desires to be a dominant force on the court.
by Kenneth Leonard


Actor Taylor Kitsch gazes at something forthcoming in his newest movie “John Carter,” released Friday. | Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Actor & director talk ‘John Carter’ making

Taylor Kitsch carved out a niche for himself in “Friday Night Lights” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”
by Andrew Younger


Crime Beat 3.12.2012

Crime Beat 3.12.2012
by Ana Ceballos



Construction Update 3.12.2012

As vertical construction on the Aztec Student Union continues to make progress, the Associated Students Facilities Board is mapping out details of the interior design.
by Edward Henderson



A new dance to old days

And so I find myself in the middle of our reunion wondering what it is about her beauty that convinces me to avert my eyes, as if something about her threatens me.
by Mason Schoen

by Staff