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November 25, 2012

‘Mommy Bloggers’ takeover

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Written by: Hayley Rafner

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There have been many writings on the advances and upsides of how easily accessible technologies are to the changing environment (a lot of them by me, in this publication. But hey, at least I’m consistent). Everybody talks about how cool changing technology is and how awesome it is that, because of the Internet, everyone has a voice that gets to be heard regardless of who that audience actually is. That’s all right and true, but that brings me to a tune I’ve been humming since I saw DogLover199709 dance around her room in her Tasmanian Devil T-shirt to Rihanna’s “Disturbia” four years ago. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Something else I’ve said since I saw that video is YouTube is a privilege, not a right (that’s a whole other diatribe I can go off on later).

As I was sitting in the office at my internship the other day, I received an email asking me to research different “mommy groups” and “mommy bloggers” in San Diego County. At first, I thought this would be an impossible task. The age of Internet blogging has got to be on the down slope at this point. Currently, the mom trend now is getting huge tattoos of your kid in hipster glasses somewhere on your body, right? Young moms are everywhere. I know six people from high school who have had babies just this year. Isn’t being a young mom the trend in itself? I pondered these questions as Google took 0.28 seconds to give me 83,000 results when I typed in “San Diego Mommy Bloggers” into the search bar. Cut to me— flabbergasted.

As I began to peruse the first page of search results—because we all know, if there’s one rule of Google, it’s that anything past the first page is a sick, sick joke when it comes to reliability in accordance to your search terms—I couldn’t believe the amount of actual mommy bloggers there were just in San Diego alone.

Admittedly, I was kind of impressed. Not only did I find a ton of mom blogs so quickly, but I found my way onto a mommy meet-up site that boasted mommy meet-ups not only for moms looking for other stay-at-home moms, but moms looking for moms looking for play dates for their newborn babies.

Then I started reading the blogs. Cut to me—face-palming.

Mom blog after mom blog, I found myself with a growing hatred for moms everywhere. There’s something about new- wave mothers with Internet access and a quirky head shot that makes me want to deliver multiple swift punches to their throats.

This unique look into the world of mommy bloggers was jarring. To believe that the world of hipsters and Instagram filters was unique to only kids of our generation was naïve because, now, kids of our generation are the moms making these blogs.

These women—who I can only assume are stay at home moms because who has time to sit and make blogs about baby wipes all day—sit in front of their flip cameras and tell readers about all the things moms everywhere are dying to hear. What kind of diapers are the most stylish? How can you bedazzle your baby? How can you get your husband to love carrying around a Baby Bjorn? All of the blogs I came across were mommy- centric, but a few took a turn at multitasking.

I came across one that boasted the author was a freelance writer, a mom and an urban chicken farmer. One mom has her own webseries dedicated to fictional “momma dramas.” The icing on top of my Internet- searching cake was when I found a blog dedicated to lactating actually written by a black woman called “blacktating.” I couldn’t have made that up on my most creative day.

Let me be my own devil’s advocate (I’m good at that) and say that it’s not just mommy bloggers that are self-righteous and self-aggrandizing. It’s all bloggers. I’m even guilty of this (although I get a pass because I know I’m hilarious and everyone always wants to read my writing). Anyone that thinks every thought they have in their head deserves to be immortalized on the Internet forever is sorely mistaken. It’s like people that tweet pictures of their food: no one cares.

Let’s change the future. Let’s stop this generation of video blogs, blogs and self-righteous spew about the best brand of baby powder to match your newborn’s clammy complexion and remind ourselves the only time our opinion really matters is never. Unless you’re me. Then it always matters.

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  1. Ava

    Hey Smartiepants – let me guess – no kids for you and you are VERY young. You’re not going to stop your generation from video blogs, etc. The self-centered stuff with your generation? Look at your last two sentences. :)

    This is your generation: YOU . . . YOU . . . and then more YOU. Do ANY of you ever bother to ask a question about someone else? Can you even discuss something that doesn’t involve . . . YOU? Nope. You. You. And then more YOU.

  2. Justme

    You have a lot to learn about this world honey.

  3. C.

    Honestly, this is part of the reason why I’m afraid of ever becoming a mother. Just the possibility that someday I’ll be the one using Instagram to show my friends stylized photos of baby’s first poop is enough to keep me an old spinster.

    I love your writing style. Humor is somewhat difficult to pull of in a structured piece. Besides, everyone knows sarcasm makes the world go ’round.

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