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January 21, 2013

Feinstein supports strict gun contol laws

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Written by: Michele Pluss
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

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Following the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the nation has been in an uproar about gun control. The deaths of the 20 children and six teachers that occurred a little more than a week before Christmas has taken center stage in discussions among the public, politicians and lawmakers.

Calif. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, known for her strict stance on gun control, has become a forerunner in this reemerged debate on the issue.

Feinstein is no stranger to gun violence, having ascended to the seat of San Francisco mayor in 1978 after Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were both gunned down in City Hall. Feinstein also authored the 1994 ban on assault weapons, signed into effect by former President Bill Clinton.

In the wake of Sandy Hook, Feinstein released a statement saying, “I am horrified and incensed by today’s tragedy in Connecticut. These massacres don’t seem to stop—they continue on and on … As I have said many times before—and now repeat in the wake of yet another tragedy—weapons of war don’t belong on our streets or in our theaters, shopping malls and, most of all, our schools.”

Feinstein’s statement also said she hoped and trusted “in the next session of Congress there will be sustained and thoughtful debate about America’s gun culture and our responsibility to prevent more loss of life.”

Feinstein had already been working on an updated revision of the Assault Weapon Ban—which expired in 2004—prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, but the events at the elementary school added a renewed sense of urgency to enforce stricter regulations on purchasing and owning guns.

Feinstein’s updated bill will crack down on the sale, production, transfer and importation of 100 specifically named firearms, including certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns and shotguns. It will also ban the production of any ammunition magazines which hold more than 10 rounds. Provisions for existing gun owners and game hunters have been factored into the bill as well.


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  1. jimmy

    “Provisions for existing gun owners and game hunters have been factored into the bill as well.”

    Under Her proposed bill the definition of “assault weapon” is broadened to include all most all semiauto rifles and all semiauto handguns. If you have one you can keep it as long as get registered and pay 200 tax. You then cant sell it, and upon your death the gov gets it.

  2. Brian

    LOL! wait a minute…. “—weapons of war don’t belong on our streets or in our theaters, shopping malls and, most of all, our schools.” . I haven’t seen too many people arguing that weapons of war belong in any of these places. Not to mention, an assault rifle is different than their blanket term “assault weapon”. Assault rifles are SELECTIVE fire and to own one you have to have a $200 tax stamp. No new selective fire (read automatic) have been allowed to be manufactured OR imported since 1986. Not to mention, none of these assault rifles have been used in a mass shooting. In regards to “assault weapons”, lets cut the BS and call it what it is….a semi-automatic, intermediate round rifle with scary features such as a bayonet and flash suppressor. These weapons are used in a literal fraction of %1 of all shootings. These weapons are no different than a multitude of hunting rifles. Many hunting rifles can also accept high capacity magazines. Banning these scary features and rifles will NOT stop someone from committing a mass shooting. Protecting oneself with even the possibility of an honest citizen being armed is a large deterrent. Take this right, a “not be infringed” given to us by the Second Amendment and this country would be a far worse place to live. I am saddened that, just like the terrorist attacks and USA Patriot Act, people are willing to give up their constitutional rights for the actions of an insane madman….Wake up people.

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