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Aztecs lead the Wildcats at the half

As expected, a ton of black and red showed up here at the Honda Center in Anaheim tonight where the San Diego State Aztecs are leading the Arizona Wildcats 32-28 at the half in the round of 16. Senior forward Josh Davis is maki...
by Terence Chin


D.J. Gay takes next generation to the next level

After being part of San Diego State’s first men’s basketball team to make it to the Sweet 16, SDSU alumnus and former point guard D.J. Gay didn’t stay away from the court for very long. Gay, alongside friend and former ba...
by Kristi Vettese



Class it up this spring break

Since nearly every day is like spring break in San Diego, this week-long vacation is the perfect time to indulge your classy side, or at least, pretend to be fancy and leave your messy apartment behind for a few hours. Here are...
by Monica Linzmeier

Downtown Los Angeles

How to spend a day in Los Angeles

This spring break, it’s time to get away. Everyone needs a break now and then, so why not take that break at a new locale with new people? Problem is, we’re all broke and unfortunately can’t afford to do anything fun with...
by Madison Hopkins



How I feel about graduation, in 11 ‘The Princess Bride’ gifs

Graduation is fast approaching, which means a lot of hard-to-process feelings. So, I’ve turned to something that better expresses my inner turmoil: The Princess Bride. Half of the freshmen you talk to say they can’t...
by Leonardo Castaneda


Photos by Monica Linzmeier, photo editor

A.S. elects map out strategic plans

Co-authored by Jaclyn Palumbo, senior staff writer The Daily Aztec talked to the newly-elected Associated Students executives to get the specifics about their plans for the upcoming school year. Jonathan Cole President The D...
by Adriana Millar


Nothing but good words for ‘Bad Words’

Words make the world go around. They help us communicate, from talking to reading; even this review would not be possible without words. And knowing how to spell those words is just as important, especially if you’re Guy Tril...
by Alek Sanchez