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2016-2017 Staff

Andrew Dyer

Opinion Editor

Andrew is a third-year journalism major and sociology minor. Andrew transferred to San Diego State in...

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Zach Engberg

Assistant Sports Editor

Zach is a junior at San Diego State University majoring in journalism. Zach is currently the Assistant...

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Kayla Jimenez

News Editor

Kayla Jimenez (@misskaylajj) is the News Editor for The Daily Aztec. She has written for the paper sin...

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Julianna Ress

Senior Staff Writer

Julianna Ress is a senior staff writer for the Arts & Culture section of The Daily Aztec. She is...

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Will Fritz

Senior Staff Writer

Will Fritz, a sophomore journalism major at San Diego State University, has been a news writer for the...

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Giovanni Reyes

Staff Writer

Giovanni is a sophomore accounting at San Diego State. He is a staff writer for The Daily Aztec.

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Andrea Lopez-Villafana

Assistant Mundo Editor

Andrea Lopez-Villafana is a  journalism major with a minor in political science. She has been writing...

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Jacob Sisneros

Editor in chief

Jacob Sisneros is editor in chief of The Daily Aztec. He's a senior journalism major with past editorial...

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Cami Buckman

Senior Staff Writer

Cami Buckman has been a writer for the Arts and Culture section of The Daily Aztec since Fall 2014. She...

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Nicole Sazegar

Senior Staff Writer

Nicole Sazegar is a staff writer at The Daily Aztec. She is a junior Journalism and Media Studies student.

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Jasmine Bermudez

Staff Writer

Jasmine Bermudez is a staff writer for The Daily Aztec. She is a second year journalism major at San...

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Lilly Glenister

Assistant Arts and Culture Editor

Lilly Glenister is a junior at SDSU and is double majoring in journalism and political science, with...

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Jamie Ballard

Managing Editor

Jamie Ballard is the managing editor of The Daily Aztec for 2016-17. She has been a member of The Daily...

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Emely Navarro

News Editor

Emely Navarro is journalism major with a minor in Spanish. She has been with The Daily Aztec since fall...

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Adriana Millar

Assistant News Editor

Adriana Millar is a senior studying communications at San Diego State. She is the Assistant News Editor...

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Christine Whitman

Arts and Culture Editor

Christine Whitman is the arts and culture editor for The Daily Aztec for the 2016-17 academic year. She...

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