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Eggs and bacon on a ‘mission’

The Mission is more than a restaurant: It is a concept. Simple yet inspired, the idea is to strip away the pretentiousness of La Jolla-style a.m. dining while maintaining a competitive level of sophistication and quality with h...
by Kelly Callas


Holy bagels, those are good

Whoever said San Diego bagels aren’t as authentic, scrumptious or as messy as New York bagels was definitely wrong. Big City Bagels, located on University Avenue in Hillcrest, offers customers fresh, homemade, quality bagels ...
by Sofia Casillas



Banjos and Bellinis for brunch

Heading south on 30th Street, just past University Avenue, one particular establishment stands out.
by Sydnee Brooker


Sweets de les arrondissements

Lemon Meringue Tartelettes, Crème Brulee aux Fruits Rouge and Passion Fruit Ricotta Torte.
by Sarah Grieco



Family-style Lebanese food

What is this food? A pizza? A pita? Nope. It’s Lebanese food and it is even better. Off of El Cajon Boulevard, Alforon is tucked into a nondescript strip mall with little to no standout features.
by Sarah Kovash



Nouveau riche cheesecakes

From a humble storefront on Adams Avenue in the heart of Normal Heights comes The Incredible Cheesecake Company, a master of the art of one of the simplest forms of joy — dessert.
by Kristen MacBride


Tiny space with plenty of taps

Located in University Heights, Small Bar offers patrons more than 40 different beers to choose from, all with a different taste.
by Rachel Verbits